SURVEYS and Pre-Purchase Inspections

BEFORE you buy any boat or watercraft, call us in.

We work on boats and watercraft everyday, so we know what to look for.

We can find Hidden Damage that others may miss. (Its like having your mechanic look over a used car before you buy it)

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Professional Marine Surveyor


Master Marine Surveyor, U.S. Surveyors Association

Marine Surveyor, ACMS, (Association of Certified Marine Surveyors)


As a marine surveyor and a professional boat repairer, John knows what to look for and what the problem areas are on each boat type.


Author---Look for our New Book, "Boat Buying Tips for the Northeast", coming soon to New York Area West Marine Stores!!!

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Naval Designer/Boat Builder


Member: ASNE (American Society of Naval Engineers)


As a naval designer who has engineered and built many marine boats and marine products, John understands how boats are built and what types of stress and strain might happen.


John is currently designing and building new and advanced high performance Hydroplane racing boats which allows him to be on the cutting edge of marine technology.


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Boat Standards/Repair Standards

Member: IAMI (International Assoc. of Marine Investigators)

Member: ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council)

Member: ABBRA (American Boat Builders and Repairers Association)


As current boat builders and boat repairers, we follow and review boats based on industry and ABYC and ABBRA standards and practices. In addition, we own and maintain the World's Largest Database on "Boat Issues", (common problems), by Make, Model and Year Boat, 1932-PRESENT!!